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Dell Refurbished Website

Pandemic Laptop Prices Surge 100%!

Since the pandemic began, laptop and computer prices have increased sharply. The pandemic impacted manufacturing and supply. With more people working from home, and going to school from home, demand is up, and so are prices! 📈 Shopping Black Friday and Boxing Day sales at the end of 2019, and the beginning of 2020, we…
Fake We Transfer Email

Avoid Latest Email Scams

Don’t let the latest email scams fool you! There are many scam emails out there. At best they are a nuisance. At worst, they pose a real threat and seek to separate you from your money. Invasive malware can hold your computer, data or organization hostage. Social engineering frauds can trick you into sending money…
Browser PDF Fail Loading Message

PDF Trouble!

You have found a pdf you need. You click on it. It downloads and you are greeted with a message that talks about upgrading your version of Adobe Reader. You have the most recent version. Arghhhh!!!😠 What’s going on? How do I open this pdf? Clients can always call Verix for help, but to save…
Disable Windows Snap

Oh Snap! How To Disable Snap

Have you ever tried to arrange several windows to fit on your desktop, only to have Windows ‘grab’ control of one of those windows and have it fill the WHOLE screen. You may have said “Oh Snap!”, or something more colorful, but it was actually because of a Windows feature called “Snap”. It’s super easy…
Test Browser Specific Shortcut

Browser Specific Shortcut

Sometimes a website doesn’t play well with your default or favorite web browser. Here’s how you can set a shortcut for that website to launch a specific browser. First, locate the browser icon in the start/windows menu and drag a link to the desktop. Once the link is on the desktop, with your cursor on…
Windows Clipboard Settings

Windows 10 Enhanced Copy & Paste

Tired of repeating copy, and then paste, as you try to move different bits of information from one or more places, to one or more new places. 🤔 Windows 10 comes with a built-in clipboard manager to help you with this simple (and often repeated) task. 😎 Check out the feature and its options …